Acura Owner’s  F.A.Q.’s   

Q: "Why does my tire pressure change on my Tire Pressure Monitor?"

A:  There are several reasons why tire pressure may change, tire damage, slow leaks, changes in outside temperature - for every drop of 10o
F your tires loose 1 psi. Tires also deflate naturally over time - as much as 1.5 psi. per month.

Q: "How do I
change my clock in the Navi?

A:   Go to set up on the Navi, scroll to clock settings, change time and turn auto daylight time OFF. With the new daylight savings time you will have to change the clock manually until new software is obtained. The 2008 vehicles have DST Selection (Daylight Saving Time Selection) which allows you to select whichever schedule is used. 


Q:  “The trunk button on my remote doesn’t work, or only works sometimes.”  

A:   This Button, like the panic button, works on a 2 second delay. You must hold the button down for at least 2 seconds. Notice that both of these buttons are recessed - by recessing and putting them on a delay, you are less likely to accidentally open your trunk or sound your alarm.  

Q:  “My Airbag Light comes on sometimes.”  

A:  Your side airbag system is equipped with height and position sensors. Your front passenger airbag is equipped with a weight sensor. They are designed to deactivate possible deployment of the airbag(s) when they could do more harm than good. Some examples would include, a passenger’s head entering the height path of deployment OR a passenger leaning into the path of deployment. More commonly, if you place a bag or briefcase on your passenger seat, the height/position and/or weight sensors may tell the system to deactivate possible deployment, causing your warning light(s) to display.  

Q:  “I am afraid of ‘messing up’ my Navigation System.”  

A:  When most of us got our new home computer, we jumped right in and 'messed up' some things on the computer. Unlike a home computer, you can jump right in a 'play around' with your Navigational System without the fear of 'messing it up'. This is one of the best ways to learn your way through all od the capabilities. 

Q:  “The passenger's seatback heater is not working.”  

A:  When your vehicle is equipped with side airbags, your passenger seat has built-in height and position sensors (mentioned above). For this reason, there is no heating element in the seatback of the passenger’s seat (like the one on the driver’s seat). Instead, only the bottom of the seat heats up when activated.  

Q:  “There is no rearview camera picture or my screen goes black when in reverse?”  

A:  Check the brightness settings. Use the “Zoom In/Zoom Out” button to adjust.  

Q:  “I can’t get my garage door opener to work with my Home Link feature.”  

A:  Programming your Home Link system is quick and easy. Please refer to the step-by-step instructions found on the page indicated by your owner’s manual’s index (It is listed alphabetically under “Home Link.”) Alternatively, you may also visit:  Home link

Note:  Since most garage door openers are equipped with a rolling code system, it will help to have another person with you during the programming; one of you to operate the training button on your ceiling unit in the garage and the other to program the button(s) in the car. If you are having trouble, contact the helpful folks at Home Link -- 1-800-355-3515.

Q:  “My car only takes about 15 gallons at the pump, but the owner’s manual says that I have a 17.2 gallon tank.”  

A:  Acura’s have a 2-gallon reserve tank. When your low fuel light comes on, and stays on, you have approximately 2 gallons remaining in the tank. This is to allow ample time and distance to the next fuel station.  

Q:  “Sometimes, after I have unlocked my Acura with the remote, it relocks itself.”  

A:  Your Acura is designed to relock after 20 seconds in the event that it has been unlocked but no doors have been opened. (This “Relock Timer” can be adjusted on TL’s and RL’s)  

Example Benefit:  If you accidentally hit the unlock button (as you place your remote in your pocket or purse) on your way into the movies, your Acura is designed to relock itself instead of remaining unlocked for the next several hours.  

Q:  “My Check engine light just came on.”  

A:  This can be prevented in most cases by securing your gas cap properly, after each fill up. Once you have heard at least 3 clicks from turning your gas cap, you have ensured a good vapor lock on your fuel tank. Acura’s are equipped with many sensors that tell a computer when something is not normal and a loose gas cap is the most common example of this. In the event your light is ON, visit us promptly to diagnose the problem.  Call 301-921-4925 for an appointment.  

Q:  “When do I get my permanent license plates?”  

A:  With every car we make every effort to give you hard tags when you leave the dealership. In some cases we may have to put a 60 day temporary tag on your car. The time needed to process your tag work varies. Maryland tags usually take less time than Virginia or DC, but remember that your temporary tag is good for 60 days from the date of purchase. The state allows this much time and in some cases much of this time is needed. Expect your tags to be ready in 2 – 8 weeks. We will send you a postcard when they are ready. At that time you may visit our cashier during showroom hours and we will offer to install them, so you may want to have that car with you when you visit.  

Note:  DC and VA tags cannot be completed until we have received your proof of inspection and emissions. If there is a title due from your trade-in, this could also delay your tag work on the new car.  

Q:  “Do I have to use premium fuel for my Acura?”  

A:  It is recommended that most Acura’s receive 91 octane gasoline or higher. For your Acura’s recommended octane level, consult the very last pages of your owner’s manual.  

F.Y.I.  When the engineers at Acura determine which octane level will best suit a vehicle, it is based largely on horsepower- per-liter. Since most of our engines are high output and have a high horsepower-to-liter ratio, premium fuel should provide the best gas mileage and the best performance for those vehicles.


Q: “Why is the gas mileage on my car different than on the Window Sticker?”  

A:  You may do a few more miles per gallon, or a few less. The City/Highway numbers on window stickers are EPA averages.

Q:  “Why do we live under Severe Conditions, when it comes to my Acura’s maintenance schedule, in my owner’s manual?” 

ASevere conditions, as defined by Acura are as follows:  











Follow the "severe" schedule only if you drive in one or more of these conditions most of the time

Trips of less than 5 miles (less than 10 in freezing weather)



Extremely hot weather (over 90 degrees F)



Extensive idling or stop-and-go driving



Trailer towing, car-top carrier, or mountain driving



Muddy, dusty, or de-iced roads



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