Thank you for all that you did to replace my floor mats. So appreciated and now I know even more than I did before why you are a top salesperson. You really know how to take care of your customers and provide outstanding customer Service!

Thank you for a pleasurable experience in purchasing the MDX today.  Lots of
places make this a very stressful experience.  You guys are true
Look forward to seeing you on Monday when we pick this beautiful Automobile up.
Fran and Natali

Dear Steve,

Louise and I would like to thank you for your assistance in leasing our new TSX. You were pleasant, professional  and low pressure which made our buying experience a pleasure.

L Eskay

Thank you for making this new car purchase one of the best experiences we have ever had.  Your extensive knowledge of all the Acura models is phenomenal and was extremely helpful to us in deciding on which vehicle we wanted.  We also appreciate the time you spent with us today going over all of the features of our MDX--we love it and hope to have it for a long time!
You can rest assured that you will receive the highest possible scores on the survey.
Take care and have a wonderful time in Florida.
Ralph & Sue

Your help and knowledge set you at a much higher level then others in your profession.

S. Raseau

I appreciate the great service that my dad and I received from you. Thanks for the time you took to explain everything, and your patience.

P. Hutchinson

It was also a pleasure working with you.  In many cases, I've encountered salesmen at other dealerships that knew less about the car than I did.  You, however, really knew your stuff...and you are very passionate about the product.   We are very pleased and excited with our purchase....the MDX is a great vehicle.  All the best to you.


Dear Steve,
Thanks for your most thoughtful message. You continue to amaze.  – you certainly deserve the max score.

See you soon

Sam & Resa
Tell Wilson we love him.

My wife and I drove the 2007 MDX at another dealership but I came back to you to buy because of the great experience I had with you in purchasing my 2005 TL”.

”I intend to give you the top grade in all categories. I had dinner with two couples tonight and I passed on my experiences - all good and also passed on the excitement of my new car. I have no reservation in recommending that they contact you when they are ready to buy an Acura”.

I have purchased several vehicles from Rosenthal Acura and have dealt with Steve Shager exclusively. He is extremely fair, non -pressuring, and does great follow through to the Nth degree after the sale is complete. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking to purchase and Acura! Go see Steve.
S. Smith

I highly recommend Rosenthal Acura for sales and service. Steve Shager was my salesperson and am looking forward to getting my next Acura from Steve

“Many thanks for your patience and persistence the last few days. I’m still incredulous over the bad luck with the car crash. It was a pleasure to work with you on the purchase of my new TL. I look forward to buying my 4th car from you at Rosenthal.
Regards, J. Scherzer

Thanks for helping us come to a great RL decision.
Bob and Nancy

“I wanted to take a moment out to thank you for the most excellent way in which you delivered my wife’s mom’s TL. I have never seen her this excited-still-about an automobile and I love knowing that there are still people In this world committed to world class customer service. Great product, great sales job, and great service so far after-the-fact. Again, thank-you Steve.”
S. Brandenburg

My drive home was wonderful. Thank you for all your help. You’ve made this purchase the easiest I’ve ever had.

Thanks for the superb service that you provided me. Without a doubt, it was the best car purchase ever. I won’t forget you on the upcoming survey five’s across the board!

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